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Some people can more easily accept the cosmos's seeming indifference to us better than others can.  Those that can't are generally more fearful do to comprehension issues.  How could this problem be solved?
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    Pinkie Pie was sitting in her bedroom reading her latest copy of "Gourmet Sweets" magazine, fawning and drooling over the caramel coated dark-chocolate truffles page, when suddenly she heard a sharp tic on her window and then,
"Hey Y'all 'wake..." Pinkie heard and then jolted from her wicker-chair.  Recognizing that particular drawl, a few things popped into her head: Why was her speech slurred and why she would be up at such an hour, considering all the manual labor she does.  She opened her window to ask,
"What in Celestia's name are you doing up?"
"Grannie Smith fine'ly showed me 'owda make Applejack." Whispered AppleJack.
Pinkie, rather confused, said,
"She taught you how to make yourself?"
"Whaa?" AJ retorted, "Oh!" 
She remembered the 'jack was in her hat - taking it off and pulling the bottle out telling Pinkie,
"This right here is an Apple Family secret, Pinkie,"
"Ooo, I love secrets! wait a sec..."
Pinkie disappeared from the windowsill, AJ swinged her head around to make sure there was nopony else around and almost fell flat on her flank.
"Here ya go!" Whispered Pinkie throwing a ropeladder.
AppleJack stumbled along the ladder, almost falling off; luckily Pinkie grabbed her in time.  She noticed a strange odor coming from her friend, one she never whiffed in all her life, though considering she's spent most of her life on a rock-farm and then a confectionary-bakery, that's not surprising.
"Now what is this stuff?" Pinkie asked with AJ rebutting,
"Can't tell ya - issa secret; but suffice t' say, iss not yer rah'na-th'mill A-Jack.  Issa Apple Family tradition ta learn ta make this stuff an' this'a mah first batch; go on Pinkie, take-a swig - t's okay, wipe' spit off'n it."
Pinkie sipped on the bottle, surprised at the bitterness,
"Come on Pinkie, ya gotta drink more than that!"
"Shh, you'll wake that Cake's."
"Well, bottom's-up."
Pinkie Pie had just drank her very first alcohol.  But being inexperienced, she started chugging it when her friend told her to drink more.  AppleJack ripped the bottle out of her hand saying,
"Do'n' drink it like that!  Y'all'll puke.
"SHHHH! you'll wake the Cake's."
"How d'ya feel?"
"Queasy but, gimme a minute."
Pinkie reached over to her side table for her tea-biscuits.
"How'd'ya feel now?" Asked AJ
"A little better, now - Bless Mrs. Cake and her delicious biscuits, Mmm! So, one does not drink Applejack like soda-pop?"
"NO. You, could, DIE!" AppleJack enunciated.
"Jeez-Louise! So you gotta sip it?"
"I s'pose ya could but then ya wouldn't git the Buzzies"
"Wha's that?" Asked Pinkie with a sense of wonder (apparently the ethanol was already in her system). 
"Iss when yer head starts feelin like a hornets' nest is inside yer skull."
"N-n-n-n-no; No stingin', just buzzin'."
"So That's why it's called 'Buzzies.'" Regardless of what this Seven Time Rodeo Champion had to say, she still imagined drunkenness feeling like nude sunbathing on a tropical island at first then intensified into floating on a cloud.

    After about 40 minutes of small talk, business talk, talking about the Cake foals - Pinkie was nice and "lubricated."
"Hey Abblesack, d'you 'member yu'r First Love?"
"<Swallow> Yeah."  AJ hastily said.
"Was it awkward?"
"HOO-DOGGY, was it ever awkward - but that's expect'd when they're fami- <sharp inhale>, slipped Abby-Jay as slapped her hand over mouth.
"Wha's'thad about?" Slurred a piqued Pinkie
"Nuttin'! Here, 'ave s'more 'jack."
Pinkie took another sip.
"How 'bout you Pinks?"
Pinkie breathed a deep, palpable breath
"Please, jus' tel'mi yers."
AppleJack took a equally heartfelt breath, dreading what she was going to say.
"I'z gunna say, '...when they're f-family'."
"Say wa'?" Pinkie uttered, flabbergasted.
"When they're family; Specifically: Cousin Brae-burn."
"Ohhh!  Ya did seem' little awkward 'round him when we wen' ta Apple-oosa."
"Yup; thankfully there've been plen'y since but there's jus nuthin' like First Love; Yo'u?"
"<inhale> H'oh Boy!"
For the first time Pinkimiena Diane Pie could not, of her own accord, speak; she was still sober enough to remember: AppleJack has drank very little applejack so she figured she'd remember all of this the next day.
"Well, who was it?"
"It was F- <unintelligible exhale>
"Sorry, di'n't cach that."
"It was {thinking: I don't dare say it, AppleJack is a traditionalist.  If I tell her it was F********* (:iconangrypinkieplz: : OH No you don't HYOO-MAAN'Z! You ain't knowing about my bisexua- <facehoof> Aaa! Gsoffe Geilskimmelfraa!! Mei Keenichn, helfe nau <repeated self-slaps>) she might hate me.}
"Pinks, yer spacin out, there."
"It doesn't matter anyway -"
"Oh No you don't! I told you, so i's onl'a fair tha' you tell me!"
"Spit it out!
"Wha' was aat?"
"Fl-Uuhhh-ter-shy" Pinkie enunciated tearfully
"Oh.  Hey don' cry!"
"Blahahahahah!  I luv'd 'er so mush! Ahahahah."
"De-scribe it. A'ere, le's get off th' 'jack for now. Ev'ry luv iz differnt, what waz it like?"
"I worshipped her."
In now revealing this too AppleJack, Pinkie suddenly experienced her limerence all over again. :heart:
"Oh AJ, I wish you could feel what I feel, it's beauteous!"
"Really! My heart is exploding with nostalgia and 'crushiness.'  Originally, though, it was even better."

    "Hey, did I ever tell you I bucked Big Macintosh."
"You - what - Big Macintosh"
"I bucked 'im"
AppleJack was filled with a rage so pure; confused as to why but drunk` she didn't care.
"Y'all had sex wit' MY BROTHER!"
"Quiet, the Cakes remember!"
"I don't care! I want 'em t'hear!
"AJ - I was giving lemonade to everyone in Ponyville that day.  When I when to Sweet Apple Acres` I didn't know what to expect.  Big Mac had just finished spreading manure on the vegetable patch and then he just come 'round - with backside starring me in the face."
"Mr. and Mrs. Cake gave me the "Birds and Bees" talk a week ago with the subject still on my mind; so when I those ginormous Cock 'n Balls right in front of me, I decided to try what they said."
"Oh; and just what did they say?"
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