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            What a fascinating thing faith.  It can get you through the toughest times or fill your heart with such indescribable passion.  It’s a recurring theme in human history; it’s saved men’s lives and minds – given us purpose yet she can vanish without warning or mislead us, throw us off-course into stormy seas.

            Consider if you will: a wooden ship named Humanitas, whose cargo is a monument of gold and silver, ivory and marble, jewels and jade, leather and steel.  A monument that depicts a goddess of love and victory, ridding atop a rearing stallion.  She bears a sigil of pride borne of accomplishment – a sword of perfect make named Lucifer who has slain many a demon with his mighty blade, still stained with the blood of Cowardice, Arrogance, Fear and Charlatan.  She wears upon her head a Sun-Disk in honor of her father Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, who birthed all matter in the universe.  Her name is Destiny.  Many of the crew worship her; many doubt she exists; while most have only imagined her or heard of her through rumors and popular orators.

            The Captain, John Soulman, is dead-set on receiving her to her destination.  However, being born a Captain with no formal training has lead him to very unusual places.  His First Mate, Patrician, tries his best to console and council his Captain but he fears that soon he will give in to the siren called Faith.  She sings constantly of abandoning the mission - to see Destiny to the Isle of Enlightenment – as her song changes every day we can guess that the captain has enough strength to accomplish the mission but there is a problem.

            As time goes on, the songs strike the captain more and more; the look on his face is of agony.  He repeatedly looks back on the charter given to him by his Elders, reassuring himself of the reward for his expedient arrival, but the siren Faith sings songs so beautiful that he can’t stand to come out of his quarters anymore.  Now only through daily devotion to his Elders and the mission can he maintain his sanity.  Patrician being a man of high birth with a strict code of honor tries to maintain order aboard the ship but the crew is getting restless; the promise of glory beyond imagination is why they signed on for the mission but there is only so long they will wait. 

    As the captain doesn’t know where the isle is, he cannot console his crew.  It seems ironic that the crew now must sing the songs of the siren in order to get beyond their quandary.  They realize this and wonder,

“The captain has been fighting off Faith by forging and reigniting his faith in his Elders and mission, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?”


“As I recall, this Isle of Enlightenment is a place where one does not need faith but instead one will have confidence in one’s own judgment and where we don’t have to work alone but instead we can work together and think of solutions faster.”

“Aye, I remember that! That famous preacher said it – oh, what was his name!  I can’t remember.”

“’Tis not important who said it but that we remember it.  Those are words of wisdom we shouldn’t forget, my friends.  The essence of Enlightenment is within us not on some faraway island; the ability to for-go superstition, fear and ego to work together for a better future.  ‘Tis not important that some may worship something or that we all have differing opinions, that’s the way it’s meant to be!  Let us not focus on the god or the ideology or the preacher or the elder, let us focus on the People!”

“Here here!”

“I’ll drink to that!”

They continued to talk for another hour discussing everything from family to specific events in their lives that made them who they are now and questioning why they became what they became.

“What are we going to do about the siren?  She follows us everywhere we go.”

            It occurred to them perhaps she isn’t real, that maybe she is a figment of their imagination; that she is a lingering ember of the fiery passion of faith.  Another suggested that as she follows them wherever they go they should consider that she is a part of us, that Faith will never leave us.

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